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 FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 1* /yaoi/

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* Perv~ x3 *
* Perv~ x3 *

ПисанеЗаглавие: FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 1* /yaoi/   Вто Мар 31, 2009 9:34 pm

Разделих чаптера на 2 части, защото е много дълъг текста... Иначе ме разби...

Titre : The means to the End
Author : Shinyan* at Velvet_Cage
Chapter : 01 / 04?
Pairing : ReitaxRuki for now on …
Rating : NC-17
Warnings : Secks blowlala and secks again and Alcohol amongst that
Summary : Reita and Ruki are student and moreover roomate since the begining of th year. Silently Reita is in love with his roommate. Will everything change tonight ?
Warnings 2 : I obviously suck at summary. Will everything change one day ?

The means to the End

1st Mean

Reita was already thinking that there was something strange when Ruki had hold his hand on their way home. But he sure hadn’t protest at that.
Reita was already thinking his friend was acting strangely as Ruki had grabbed him by the waist band of his pant when Reita wasn’t waiting for him while getting up on the stairs. And he sure had shivered at that.
Reita was already fighting his feeling when he felt Ruki’s body pressed behind his back while he was opening the door of their small student one roomed flat. Tiredness could sure be a reasonable reason for that.
Reita was already fighting to catch his breath as Ruki had kissed him wild without any preamble as soon as they were in. Could alcohol be the reason for this ?
At that point he sure wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

The mouth on his own, warm and strong, nibbling gently.
The teeth biting his lower lip almost bruising as Reita lift his head to escape just the time to gasp some air.
The way Ruki was now devouring the skin of his neck, too sensitive, so receptive at those unexpected but many times dreamed ministrations.

Words and impressions were spinning through his minds as he was letting go everything, abandoning his attentive body in Ruki’s hands which were gradually lifting his shirt wandering on his responsive torso, fingers equally caressing his chest, his nipples, his tabs before a thumb dipped in his belly button and Ruki get on his knees replacing the digit by his tongue, gaining a surprised gasp, lifting the shirt more and more leading the road to that warm tongue.
Reita’s head had to stop its lolling the time for the shirt to get discarded. Ruki hadn’t even lift his head up, as absorbed by his uninterrupted task. He was suckling on Reita’s neck, having him gasping again in surprise while surely creating a mark there.
He then pecked Reita’s lips, their eyes locked for a short instant, lost and dizzy pupils passing determined ones which quickly deviated.
Without particular reason, a shiver went down Reita’s spine.
Ruki took the time to lean back a bit, hips still locked to the other’s. His hands went down on Reita’s chest and a groan escaped.
-“ I never truly realised how gorgeous you were.” He said in a husky voice suddenly grabbing the waist-band of his friend’s pants, attempting to drag him …
The sudden gesture had Reita to react : he caught Ruki.

Almost as soon as they get to share that flat Reita had had a crush on his roommate. Crush that slowly turned too obsessional to be a temporary attraction. And as Reita grew knowing Ruki, spending time with him, getting closer as well he got to understand Ruki couldn’t be interested by him, as much their friendship was increasing as much Reita had to understand Ruki will never be his lover and as much his feeling had to remain unspoken as much it was increasing devouring him from inside.
So what was happening ?
Reita was afraid to voice his question but he was afraid to mess up everything if not saying anything.
Was Ruki drunk ? So drunk he didn’t know what he was doing and will hate him in the morning ? But Ruki eyes seems more sober than his own probably were. Could it be that Ruki had suddenly changed his mind ? Could it be that he wanted to try ? But was it right to try despite every risk ? Reita wouldn’t bare a failure.
“- Ruki what are you doing ? Tell me what’s happening ?
-I thought it was quite clear.” he chuckled “Now come …” he tried to pull Reita once more but he still encountered a resistance.
“- Ruki … you know what I mean … you’re not even suppose to be gay.
- Maybe I’m bi then …
- Bi neither …
- Ok …” Ruki leaned near Reita’s ear to murmure “… so maybe I just came to find that girls aren’t that exciting …” he caught the lobe between his teeth and deliciously suck on it. Reita had to chocked back a moan at that warm affecting distraction to go ahead :
“- Ruki … we drunk a lot tonight. Maybe we should wait and … talk about it.
- Don’t you like me … anymore ?”
Reita gasped with anguish feeling a deep blush creping on his cheeks, shifting with discomfort.
- You … knew … ?” he painfully uttered
“- Reita. It’s not that you’re not discreet but we’re living together since 5 months now.”
It was like being caught red-handed in an ambuscade. It was useless to deny.
“- So will I have to beg you to fuck me ?”
Reita shivered as Ruki began to massage his cock through his pants. As all answer seemed to have been turned off, Ruki resumed his action and led Reita to the ever opened sofa-bed in the dusk bathing the room.

With hesitant steps, Reita let himself been lead. When reaching the bed he stumbled. His hand let go of Ruki’s and he fell on the mattress.
Ruki looked at Reita before joining him, straddling his hips, he leaned down and returned to his friend’s chest, taking now care of his nipples while his hands were fumbling with belts, button and zipper, then trailing on the boxer, cupping and caressing, getting uselessly harder what was already straining painfully under the fabric.

Reita was feeling feverish.
Each touch, each movement of Ruki was making him gasp, moan and bend in pleasure as each of those were both unexpected but so long waited and each time he was looking at the owner of those hands, thinking it was him for real, a shiver was going through his body, straight to his groin, his name rising on his lips :
“- Ruki…”
Being so responsive was almost embarrassing. The chastest kiss was electrifying and as Ruki’s mouth was travelling lower and lower, the whimpers grew more audible :
“- Ruki … Ruki … Ru… stop !”
A simple lick through his underwear had Reita to quickly grab his lover up and pin him down beneath him.
Reita was breathing hard, his chest rising up and down on Ruki’s.
“- Enough … for now.” He finally articulated he then lift the hem of Ruki’s shirt and start to efficiently remove each clothe. Shirt, belt, pants, socks, some other pants, more socks pilling on at the bed’s foot, until only two boxers were remaining.

Between Ruki’s spread legs, Reita was admiring.

His gaze was following his hands while they were reverently caressing soft thighs’ skin, thumb running on inner’s, travelling up, parting, rolling on each side, fingers trailing up on the flank until the ribcage and then trailing back down, full hands locking on the hips.
Reita watched the expanse of Ruki’s torso, laid a kiss on the stomach before resting his head on the warm skin, wanting, just for a minute, to relish the moment.
Right now he was feeling like the luckiest guy on earth and yet there was still so much to come.
His eyes snapped open and his thumbs played with the waistband of Ruki’s boxer which only caused an impatient request :
“- Reita … stop teasing…”
So Reita finally complied and in one swift movement, discarded the piece of fabric.
Here he was, fully and beautifully exposed, so perfectly completely naked and now Reita only wanted one thing, but he was still feeling as if it was too good to be authorized and so he asked :
“- May I … suck your … well .. your cock ?”
Sure it was stupid to ask, not only because no one asked for such things as you asked your mother to go on a party but moreover what guy had anyway ever refuse to get his cock sucked and so Ruki answered :
-“Ye… I… What… no ! No don’t !”
Reita seemed quite taken aback by that and Ruki rushed :
-“I mean … you shouldn’t. You … just fuck me ok ?”
Again. That awkward feeling crept in Reita’s chest. There was nothing specific but it also was everywhere. Reita wanted Ruki, a lot, since month and having him naked beneath him demanding to be fucked wasn’t unarousing but still despite everything … despite his love, his desire, his adoration and his burning blood running through his veins summoning to take him it still seemed wrong somehow.
“- Reita ?
-Hm yes .. we need .. things …
-I have condoms and lube. Wait.”

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Beware of the RAPIST!!!
Beware of the RAPIST!!!

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 1* /yaoi/   Вто Апр 07, 2009 1:26 pm

OHMIGOSH~! This was...AMAZING!!!
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FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 1* /yaoi/
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