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 FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 2* /yaoi/

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* Perv~ x3 *
* Perv~ x3 *

ПисанеЗаглавие: FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 2* /yaoi/   Вто Мар 31, 2009 9:34 pm

Ruki quickly left the bed under Reita’s bewilderment, grabbed the bag which Reita recognized at the one from the combini they stopped on the way home.
Ruki came back on the bed, handing everything to Reita.
He slipped back to his previous place, sneaking under Reita he thrust his hips up :
“- Now let’s go !
- Ruki…have you ever did this ?
- Sure ! Why ? Do I look like I’m inexperienced !
- hmm no … guess not… but you always said that you were dating girls and…
- … and you probably had date you never talked to me about and so am I. No one praise that he’s gay… come on. Take this off !”
Ruki tugged at Reita’s boxer. With still a slight kind of nervousness, Reita complied but then their two bared bodies molded in one an other, full expense of hot skin in contact like begging for more. Reita thrusted his hips down and the friction was so sinfully good, their flesh pushing against one an other, pressure, heat so unexpectedly perfect that for a moment Reita almost thought to just go on that way, not wasting time with condoms and else, just speeding a bit the pace will be enough when it was already so good, but in the same time he wanted more … so much more, he wanted Ruki, he wanted him to be his, and the thought of being in him was so much even more burningly damnable.
“- God… I want you so much.” He groaned.
He eagerly grabbed the lube, spread some on his finger and started to circle Ruki’s entrance but he felt him shift back :
-“Is there something wrong ?
-I .. could you just … fuck me ... don’t prep me.” Ruki said, grabbing Reita’s hand away.
And it was not that Reita wasn’t impatient to rush into Ruki but still he was too concerned to just consider his lust.
“- Ruki … let me do it quickly ok. I don’t want to hurt you.
-You don’t need to. Don’t worry it’ll be ok."
And Reita just wanted to fallow the request to stop the babbling and then be able to go on, he was already panting and the heat between them was almost unbearable in that passivity so when Ruki added huskily “Reita .. I want you inside me know” he dropped down everything else, got the condom and putted it on with a generous amount of lube before positioning himself at his lover entrance, giving a questioning gaze for permission.
“- Do it in one go.”
Reita nodded. A shiver ran down his spine and he wasn’t sure it was from anticipation only.
He pushed in one continuous movement which echoed in a painful whimper escaping Ruki’s lips. It froze Reita instantaneously, looking down he was able to see those small tears already forming at the corner of those beloved eyes. Guilt and shame rush in his belly tweaking it bitterly. He tried to pull back but Ruki quickly grabbed his arms :
“- Don’t you fucking dare to move now !”
It was almost a growl and Reita was too startled to not obey. His breath was heavy.
“- I should have prepared you …
- Yes you fucking should have !” Ruki snapped back immediately.
Saying those words that sharply Ruki felt that he was unfair but the sharp pain he was experiencing wasn’t helping at all. In hindsight of pain he was also feeling ridiculous, there, legs up and spread. He wasn’t sure what was the point of this ... he then felt Reita’s hand soothing on the small of his back, softly, he looked up at his friend and his heart wobbled. He felt warmth reassure his heart : there was so much love, so much tenderness in Reita’s concerned gaze. But there was also sadness or was it pain. The same pain that those heavy breath were maybe pointing. Guilt and shame rush in his belly.
“- Reita…” he called shyly “… are you ok ?”
Reita looked at him. He seemed to hesitate an instant and when he found voice again he was only able to mumble :
-“ Hmm… I … yes.. It’s ok. It’s just that… you’re…” he chewed on his lips before whispering almost inaudibly “you’re really very tight.”
It was like a click. Suddenly Ruki seemed to panic :
“-Am I ? Am I that tight ? Am I too tight ? … you know I feel like I’m almost used now ?!
-Maybe because you turn me off.” Reita joked stopping Ruki in middle tracks. He smacked his friends arm and, despite the particular circumstances they even found the heart to both chuckle.
-“I think it’s ok now.” Ruki said pushing his hips down experimentally.
It was so little movement but it send a shiver through Reita spine. Yes he was very sure he wanted that.
He gently pulled out while caressing Ruki’s slightly softened cock. He kept on a bit this way, giving them time to completely adjust their bodies. Ruki was randomly releasing some little hum and Reita was perfectly able to read the mix of slight discomfort and tingling sensations and it’s resulting incomprehension lost in the middle of sweet pleasure. A look he probably had hisself some years ago.
When he was perfectly sure everything would be ok he raised back one of Ruki’s leg and thrust with more confidence, aiming is angle and indeed he quickly found it, that point which had forced an audible moan past Ruki’s lips.
And Reita didn’t let the tension fall back, thrusting once more the same way, picking up the rhythm, making Ruki curse, hand gripping the sheets beneath him. He was so beautiful, spread in his pleasure, vulnerable like never. Reita growled, the clench and the moans driving him on the edge more quickly he had wished for.
He started to pump Ruki cock with fast strokes, his hips pushing almost forcefully in his lover.
“Fuck … Reita, I’m … oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” Trashing on the beds Ruki finally orgasmed in a loud growl while Reita, gripping his hips was pounding quickly, sweat forming on his forehead. But he wasn’t long to follow, coming as audibly, head thrown back.
He rolled off on Ruki’s side, panting heavily. He wouldn’t have thought he would come so hard and so quickly… especially while thinking how the encounter had started.
He turned his head to look at Ruki, and a smile went up on his face, his heart beating louder on his chest… oh God ! Had he really just did that with Ruki. It was better than any dream. Ruki was here by his side. Reita scooted closer to his lover, taking the pliant body in his embrace.
“- I really like you a lot.” He said, happiness spread on his lips.
Silence fell on the dark room and Reita started to pet Ruki’s hair, assuming that Ruki was probably falling asleep but after some minutes he felt the body shift insistently.
-“Could you let go of me ?”
Reita frowned but obeyed nonetheless.
-“Sorry… I thought you were asleep.
- I would hardly fall asleep with you hugging me to death and twiddling with my hair.”Ruki retort coldly.
And here it was. Clearly the very distinct feeling Reita had shivered at in the beginning of that encounter.
-“ Ruki .. is everything ok ? … Did I hurt you ?”
But no answer came.
-“ Ruki … you should have told me it was your first time. It was your first time isn’t it ? I didn’t mea…
-Fuck ! Would you please shut up ! I want to sleep, not to pass an examination !”
Now what, why everything has turned messy suddenly ? … Reita didn’t know what to do.
-“ Ruki if I did something wrong please just tell me. I like you and I just wan…
-Shut up ok ! I don’t like you. It was just a fuck ok so please stop to act over-affectionate to death with me.”
Reita straighten up in the bed.
-“ You knew I liked you.
-And as said, I don’t ! So quit on repeating that again and again ok.
-If you wanted just a fuck why did you choose me !? Why didn’t you get to anyone else ?
-I was needing pratice and I thought it would be nice to indulge you what you wanted while I get what I needed. It was benefit for both.
-Pratice ! Pratice for what ? Was that just an exercise for you ? Were you really that stupid to think that all I wanted was a simple exercise ?!! I had feeli… I… you knew how I felt and…
-Oh yes I at least certainly do know now that you showering me with that. Please stop ! You're a nice roommate but what I want is not you ok. I want someone else so don’t be a burden now.
-Who ?
-Hakuei ! Happy now ?
-But you hardly know him.
-Seems like you hardly know me too.
-And so you …”
Reita didn’t finished his sentences he was feeling nauseous, he was feeling frustrated and he was feeling fucking furious. He stood up, putting his boxer, grabbing his clothes quickly.
-“ I don’t know exactly how you achieved to convinced yourself that giving me a one time fuck was what I wanted Ruki. But you sure had to be a fucking hypocrite for such a result. Hope your Hakuei will like how you’re playing the bitch to train for him !”
Without even knowing if those words would have any impact on his roommate, Reita left the dark apartment, slamming the door shut behind him.

EDIT: 2-ри чаптър е малко скучен, няма нищо интересно, а 3-ти и 4-ти ги няма
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 2* /yaoi/   Чет Май 21, 2009 8:52 pm

Вярно, че е малко кофти... но е супер яко. Браво на писателя
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if chan

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 2* /yaoi/   Пет Юли 17, 2009 10:51 pm

1.-во..съгласна съм с Мое чан...,защото ако го съпоставя с някои други фенфикшъни ...xD...и все пак смятам че е супер ...ии ми стана интересно....нещо не виждам 2рата глава..а ми се ще чесно казано да я прочета...^^
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 2* /yaoi/   

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FanFic: The Means To The End *chapter 1*Част 2* /yaoi/
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