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 FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/

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* Perv~ x3 *
* Perv~ x3 *

ПисанеЗаглавие: FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/   Вто Мар 31, 2009 9:20 pm

Уоу... приготвее си кърпички...

Nothing Special (Oneshot) - Gazette
Title : Nothing Special (Oneshot)
Author : Shinyan* @ Velvet_rope
Pairing : mystery member x Aoi
Rating : NC17
Warning : Sex without beta-reader
Summary : A shirt can sometimes have unexpected consequences ....

*~~ Nothing Special ~~*

Sweet sunny morning.
Aoi softly opened his eyelids lazy from sleep, still wrapped in the cocoon of the feather bed. In the welcoming warmth, the only thing missing for a perfect wake up were the welcoming arms of his tender love.
Yet, He caught the muffled sound of footsteps on the carpet, the sound of a drawer opened.
Courageously he moved the cover aside and discovered his beautiful love, topless, buttoning up black costumes pants.
A slight shiver ran through his body making him groan inaudibly.
The pants were just cuted in a simply but smart fashion. Aoi was looking at the ass discreetly underlined, thighs curved until the knee before the cloth widened imperceptibly around the calf. At the hems’ level were little creases pooling on the naked foot. And for some inexplicable reasons, Aoi had always found that simply very sexy. A man, wearing a costume but barefoot, the paradox of strict business cloth debauched by the nonchalance of those naked feet …
He shifted a bit in the bed.
His sweet love was now getting out a white shirt from the commode.
Aoi’s gaze followed the slender finger rolling the little buttons out of their hole, those nimble hands slowly working their way on the white surface. He then unfolded the shirt and pulled it on in one swift and supple movement.
Aoi was unable to contain another groan, an audible one, as his sensual love was freeing his blond hair from beneath the collar.

At that sound, Uruha turned his head. A tender smile laying on his adorable face, his caramel eyes so full of affection, the sunlight was playing on his golden fringe, jaw underlined by the strict white collar of that smooth shirt open on a way smoother skin.
“-I’m sorry, did I wake you up ?” Uruha murmured in a honey-voice.
Aoi was only able to shake his head, literally caught in the instant. Devouring delightfully, his eyes were travelling from his desirable lover’s thin neck to his slim torso and his lovely tummy… Fuck ! Uruha really had a knack for turning a negligible morning erection on an inescapable one.

This is a Schema _('_')/Uruha was getting back to his drawer explaining how Kai had lay hand on him after yesterday rehearsal to ask him the address of the nice French restaurant Uruha knew and finally get Uruha to take him there. Because he wanted to try it before bringing “someone” there (which surely was Miyavi) but it refused to get in an unknown French restaurant alone.
And then he felt arms wrapping around him and Aoi laying his head on his shoulders.
“-Do you really have to go ?” He asked
“-I don’t really have to go but I agreed … even if I’d rather sleep a bit more this morning.”
Uruha closed back the drawer and in a jump Aoi was sitting on the commode his large black eyes looking at him, taking the tie from his hand and neglectfully put it in the shirt’s pocket. His arms tied softly around his neck.
“-And you would leave me without a morning kiss ?” he asked with a simpering tone.
Uruha gave him a sweet smile and leaned down to kiss him.
His arms embracing Aoi, his hands soothing on his back, while Aoi tangled his fingers through Uruha’s hair, leisurely their lips met, tasting each other sweetly, wheedling pulpily. A satisfied whimper escaped Aoi’s mouth and his tongue quickly lapped Uruha’s lips, initiating a deeper kiss, still sensual, still lazy as if each caress, each stroke was analysed, acknowledged individually, tasted one by one.
Aoi’s legs softly wrapped around his lover waist and he released a plea as Uruha parted slightly from him and pressed their foreheads.
-“Aoi … I have to go or I’ll be late.”
A whine :
-“Please Uruha … just a bit longer …” the brunette purred, deliciously brushing their lips.
-“Baby I can’t. Kai will wait for me.” Uruha pressed a kiss on Aoi’s cool little nose and as he put down his hands on his hips to free himself, he felt something strange at the waistband’s level. Intrigued, he pushed up the white shirt and looked what was hidden behind, trapped in the boxers elastic.
-“Aoi… what exactly did you had in mind when saying ‘just a bit longer’ ?” he asked accusing, exhibiting his discovery : 2 little sachets.
Aoi nothing but chuckled at the condom and the lube. Hands flat on his lover waist, looking him up through lowered eyelash, he pleaded :
-“And you would leave me without a morning fuck ?”
He then stated his request by grinding his hips on Uruha’s one, gaining two groans.
-“Aoi… that’s not nice. I’m really supposed to go soon …
-Soon it’s not now. It won’t be long, please. No one would mind if you’re 10 minutes late.” The brunette was trailing kiss down Uruha’s neck to end his sentence on a nipple which quickly get nice attentions.
Uruha moaned :
-“Ok… Aoi ok … stop that and just lean back.”
With a bright satisfied grin Aoi complied and let his boxers get discarded. As Aoi leaned back, Uruha leaned down on the already pretty hard on. He first laid a light kiss underside to then let the tip of his tongue trail until the top, licking flat on the head.
“-Uruha … more …” Aoi moaned.
He sure was already very receptive. But he only got some more tease. Light licks on sensitive place on which Uruha then blew softly, very soft, almost imperceptible nibbling at the base, gentle fondle of his balls.
“-Uruha I thought you were in a hurry.”
Their eyes locked, challenging each other. A mischievous grin came on Uruha’s face and he finally took Aoi’s length in his mouth, making Aoi break the eye contact, knocking over his head, thrusting up reflexively.
Uruha’s rhythm seemed almost too strong and soon Aoi had to reluctantly stop his lover. He straightened to kiss him wildly. No more tease, no more lazy strokes and Uruha was quickly dominated. Finally stopping briefly to breath hard, Aoi handed him the lube and the condom.
Uruha groaned. It was very tempting but :
“-Aoi I just took a shower and I’m supposed to go to a restaurant. I don’t think it’s a good ide…”
Uruha had to stop there as Aoi start to massage his erection, softly whispering on his ear :
“-But Uruha-san … I need you sooo badly. Take me please …”
To tell the truth the submissive tone (and probably the grinding of their hips) had had the anticipated impact.
“-You really had your way with words aren’t you ?
-I only mean to have my way with you.
-I shouldn’t indulge in all your caprice.”
But saying that Uruha used the small sachet of lube and his hand find his way between Aoi’s soft thighs pressing a finger inside, feeling the tight impatient clench. He very soon was able to eased a second finger in.
“-More Uruha … more … stop teasing.”
Finally Uruha acquiesced. Hearing all the little mewls from Aoi had anyway got the best of his patience. He took the condom and coated his arousal with the rest of lube, moaning as he briefly touched his too neglected self. He aligned himself to Aoi’s twitching entrance and slowly pushed in, groaning at the sight of his cock sinking in the welcoming heat, long limbs winding back around him, knotting on his lower back, urging him deeply.
Uruha barely had the time to adjust their position before a still impatient one pushed his hips down, explicitly telling that he had to move now no matter if it’s immediately. So he hooked one of Aoi’s legs over his shoulder and quickly stated a harsh rhythm which quickly aimed Aoi’s prostate and having them both breathing hard, the brunette relinquishing loud moans at each thrust coming harder than an other, a rhythm that matched both their needs.
And Aoi was so beautiful, eyes shut, his back arching as if spasmodicaly, lips seldomly able to formulate some plea between mewl and pants. Uruha leaned down to kiss him, nibbling his lips with adulation, quickly invading the warm mouth, claiming the surrender. The surrender was totally concealed as Aoi – a deep cry responding a deep assault - throw back his head, almost knocking on the wall, exposing his tensed neck to Uruha’s possessive teeth which marked it needingly. And Aoi was already too high, too lost in his pleasure to express the adding sensation entering his dizzy brain and it was with difficulty that he achieved to state the evidence : “so close … baby I’m so close… hold me … harder…”
Uruha immediately understood and taking Aoi tight in his embrace, trapping the erection between their stomachs, thrusting his hips impossibly harder he just had to go on only some seconds before hitting Aoi’s peak almost simultaneously followed by his own as he was simply thrusting back between the clench on him. It was as he rode his orgasm that he fully thrusted forth in when falling limply on Aoi. Aoi shivered and exhale a whimper at the movement inside is oh so solicited body.
It took them some more time to recover enough to allow some movement. When his breath was back enough and his mind came down Uruha released Aoi’s leg but but as soon as free it went back to knot around his waist. Uruha discarded Aoi’s shirt and used it to clean the mess on Aoi’s stomach and then, softly, he slided his arms around Aoi and carried him in their bed.

As they were installed, they laid this way for a while, tangled side by side, looking in each other tender eyes, exchanging soft touches.
“-I love you so much …” Aoi finally said, words slipping through his lips as unconsciously and as obviously than a respiration.
Uruha smiled at that. He raised Aoi’s hand to his lips to lay a soft kiss on it. For some reasons those words were always warming him up in the most fluffy but effective way, making him feel like the happiest stupid guy on earth and moreover so damn proud of it !
“-I love you too.”
He pecked Aoi’s lips and sighed heavily.
“-I really should go now.”
Aoi nodded wisely. They sat up on the bed.
Aoi buttoned Uruha’s shirt up, regretting to have to dress him up, not getting more time to cuddle and lay against his naked and warm body.
He brought out the tie – the yet crumpled tie – from the waists pocket, passed it around the collar. As he was looping hit, he felt Uruha’s hand on his side, caressing sweetly and Uruha’s lips gently pecking his forehead. He buried his face on Uruha’s neck. For some reason he always thought that it was something special how his head fitted perfectly in the crook of his lover’s neck.
He breathed.
The sweet scent of his lover cologne was now mingled with the perfume of sex. The kinky thought of having marked Uruha from the beginning of the day made him somehow proud and drew a satisfied smirk on his face.
His hands still on the tie gave up their task and instead pulled on it, catching Uruha in a real kiss, a quick but firm one which let Uruha taken aback as Aoi grabbed his phone from his pant’s pocket.
“-I send Kai a message to tell him you’ll be a bit late.” He explained.
He started to write the message as Uruha, still perplexed started to knot his neglected tie.
“-Here !” Aoi said presenting the phone.
“-Hey Kai, I’m sorry, I’ll have to delay our lunch. Aoi feels really sick. Maybe tomor… what !”
Uruha tried to catch the phone but … too slow !
Aoi announced tackled on the bed. Their eyes locked.
“-You didn’t do that ?” serious stare
“-Oh yes I did !” serious answer
“-Sneaky Aoi !” Uruha exclaimed assaulting back, trying to uselessly get back his phone which fell from the bed as Aoi struggled against tickling. He finally gave up. Uruha was hugging him very very tight from behind and he was to winded to reply efficiently and, in fact, he didn’t really wanted anyway because of the sugar kisses peppered on his neck.
“-You know that Kai won’t buy that one …” Uruha murmured.
Aoi turned his in embrace, smirking once again :
“- Right ! So I’ll confess him tomorrow that I was needing you to fuck me sooo badly.”
Uruha remained silent as Aoi pinned him on his back, straddled his hips.
“-Again ?”
Aoi nodded.
“-It’s not as if I was hiding anything greatly” he added pointing a particular spot on his very exposed naked body. Aoi pulled again on the tie, for some inexplicable reasons he had always loved to do that specific thing with Uruha. Aoi felt his lover grinned under his mouth. They knowing stared in each other eyes.
“- What happens to you this morning ?” Uruha finally asked.
Aoi took one second to point out the explanation and honestly answered :
“-Nothing special … it’s just you.”

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if chan

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/   Пет Юли 17, 2009 11:04 pm

Защо,защо толкова много обичам такива истории..?! имат някакво особено въздействие върху мене...*_*
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Hasegawa Ayumu

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/   Съб Юли 18, 2009 8:55 am

Хехехе....не си единствена
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if chan

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/   Съб Юли 18, 2009 10:06 am

ххаха...ами радвам се че има и други извратени мозъци като моя... !
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/   Съб Юли 18, 2009 12:30 pm

Хаха, много е хубаво xD Поне има свестен край...
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if chan

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/   Съб Юли 18, 2009 1:07 pm

мда...ма мене чесно казано повече ме интересува самата история как се развива..а края също е важен де...и ми харесва...:]
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/   

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FanFic: Nothing special /yaoi/
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